For advertising or marketing executives and for desktop publishers in or near Charlotte

Classes — half day class of design training and thinking for the desktop publisher

Classes — Two half day classes of design training for the desktop publisher or marketing executive

Before&After columns on a page

Before&After using drop caps

Before&After writing headlines

Portfolio, so you can see our work

Studying design means:

1/2 day classes.
Or 5 full days, one per week.

Some companies, seeking to be economical, do their advertising and collateral creative work
in-house themselves, whether trained in design or not.

Some of our classes will help executives. Others will help
in-house desktop designers.

Ask us how in-house desktop publishers, executives and management benefit from our design classes.

We do teach you how to solve creative and design problems.
We do not teach you how to use software. Software ain't talent.

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